Strategic Project Management

Suitable for all kinds of leaders and managers. Set up proper project management and master agile thinking to successfully realize projects, changes, and innovations. 

Both „academy format “ courses feature micro-learning videos, quizzes, in-class, and online training sessions and other kinds of support to help you put your learning into practice.

Excellent Project Boss 5.0

We’ll show you the way towards shaping a prosperous and stable company.

Available online

Excellent Project Boss 5.0 is a development course that helps you set the right direction. Master the art of effectively combining your strategy with innovations and project management. Build a strong team, boost team motivation, and stay on top of the essential activities.

Excellent Agile Boss 5.0

How to introduce agility so that it actually helps.

Available online

Excellent Agile Boss 5.0 is a stand-alone course that provides an essential understanding of the purpose and principles of the agile philosophy. Make things more effective by learning to apply agile techniques in a variety of day-to-day company activities.

System support

We will help you set the environment.


Available online

Set up elements of project culture in a way that leads to more efficient use of resources and increased project effectiveness.

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