Agile & Scrum Fundamentals

This full-day workshop starts with an explanation of what were the reasons for the agile way of thinking to even manifest. Attendants learn to recognize when and why is the agile approach suitable and that it is not a universally applicable paradigm. The course also covers the meaning of the Agile Manifesto. Together we dive deep into the Scrum and we also cover the basics of other methods, i.e. Kanban. According to the demand of a particular audience we can tap into practicalities/methods like how to conduct an effective retrospective meeting or cover what is meant by the “agile mindset”. Practical questions and hands-on approach by participants are very welcome!

The target group

This course is suitable for anyone who is in touch with the agile ways of working either on the side of the client or the contractor. It benefits total newcommers and also those, who are already trying “being agile” but have a lot of questions. Also it doesn’t matter if you are manager or a team member, both ways you’ll find what the “agile” means for you and what your role in Scrum will be.  You may combine with Agile Leadership Fundamentals course. Je také možné hned následující den navázat tréninkem Simulation Scrum with LEGO® construction kit.

Basic topics

  • Why agile?
  • Agile Manifesto
  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Scaling agile product development
  • Agile mindset

Methods and course materials

This course is rather a hands-on workshop. Although some frontal commentation is applied active participation is preferred. Presentations are very limited, most of the course work is created on flipchart on the fly. The course is photo-documented so that the materials along with recommended resources (articles, books, …) can be sent after the course to all participants. There is also a lot of space for discussions and real-world situations advisory.


  • Understanding of what agile approach really means
  • Ability to recognize where agility is a benefit and where not
  • Deep understanding of the Scrum methodology
  • Inspiration for the new way of working!


The course is realized by our partner CEREBRA

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