Financial management of projects and changes

Working on projects and changes has become an inseparable part of a professional’s work life. Successful development of a new product, its introduction on the market or the implementation of a new system all have a significant impact on companies’ future economic performance. The skill of financial management of projects and changes thus increases the probability of successful project completion as well as the likelihood of the expected benefits materializing.

The target group

The programme is primarily designed for leaders, senior managers, innovators, and customers. It is also suitable for change managers, project managers and project office staff.
With its focus based on the Executive MBA study level, the programme applies a strategic perspective to project and change management. The programme can also be considered a follow-up to Strategic Project and Change Management.


Course topics

  • Impact of working on projects and changes on company economy.
  • Financial assessment of project and changes.
  • Basic economic indicators and calculations.
  • Financial planning and management of projects.



  • Hands-on, interactive training built on elements of the SHINE school and time-tested practice in project management.
  • Explanation, short moderated discussion, sharing of ideas and personal experience.
  • Resolution of model problem situations and real-life examples from Shine practice.


  • Learn the fundamental principles of company economy.
  • Understand the impact of project and change execution on company economy.
  • Learn to determine whether the expected benefits of projects/changes are realistic.
  • Master the skill of formulating the financial plan of a project and how to work with it.
  • Understand how to set the right metrics for a fairer system of rewarding people.

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