Innovation: How to become a leader in your field

Innovation is about finding the right space in between two opposing principles. On the one hand, there are systems, regulations, and hierarchies of our companies. If out of hand, too many processes stifle and kill anything new and inventive. On the other hand, there is the creative and open space of possibility and ingenious ideas born out of chaos and freedom. We want to provide inspiration on how to marry the world of order with the world of creativity. We want to help support and channel both worlds to encourage new, saleable, and successful innovations.

Why this programme?

  • Do you need to create a process of innovation of your organization/department to bring structure and system to its operation and the way new ideas are formulated? 
  • Do you need to pin down which things do not work properly and why? Why even the best of processes fail at times and what to look out for?
  • Do you need to address the challenges of innovating, improving, and releasing new products in the age of digitalization and Industry 4.0?


The target group

  • Company owners and managers who want to draw on innovation in order to succeed and achieve a unique market standing.
  • Leaders, senior managers, innovators, and visionaries.
  • Project managers and project office staff.
  • Those tasked with introducing and setting up company processes.
  • Anyone involved in developing new products and services.


Course topics

The world of innovation

  • What is innovation and what to innovate. Overview of existing methods and when to use them. Obstacles and how to overcome them.

How to bolster order and processes

  • The journey from idea to implementation. The methodology of how to secure unique value for customer. The method practised: Value Innovation Process. Real-life examples and experience

How to create an innovative environment

  • Innovation in company organization. The Chaordic principle – combining order and chaos. Company culture, motivating people. SW tools – examples and recommendations.

Programme goals

  • Familiarizing oneself with the subject matter, standardizing terminology, and acquiring an understanding of different approaches. 
  • Learning how to promote the system and order and conceptualizing the process and its phases: from ideas to final products.
  • Learning specific techniques for understanding customer needs and determining the right product value for the customer.
  • Testing out selected techniques on real cases.
  • Learning to achieve team agreement on developing an innovation management system.
  • Demonstrating how to motivate people towards innovation and how to change company culture and atmosphere.


  • Trainer presentation, short guided discussion, 
  • Interactive workshops and team work on model situations and real-life example cases.


We will equip you with the tips on what changes are needed in your company and how to implement them in order to set up and encourage an innovative culture accompanied by the right processes – the marriage of order and chaos.

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