How does one go
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We believe that you will enjoy working on your projects, changes, and innovations. We provide meaningful, simple, and practical solutions which make sense and promote personal well-being.

Project Thinking

Available online

Suitable for anybody hoping to make their work more effective and simpler using selected project management techniques.

Project management

Available online

Suitable for all people involved in project work. Handle projects and changes with greater ease – either in a traditional or agile environment.

Strategic project management

Available online

Suitable for all kinds of leaders and managers. Set up proper project management and master agile thinking to successfully realise projects, changes and innovations.

Motivation>Collaboration > Innovation

Increase team efficiency and speed up work on projects, changes and innovations. Using MOTIV-ACE will help you reward your people fairly, boost their motivation and encourage collaboration.

Who will be your guide to success?

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What do our clients say about us?

A great course suitable for improving competences for both personal and work life.

Jan Brabec

Mechanical design engener - Honeywell, spol. s r.o.

The direct benefit of the SHINE workshop was two-fold – we managed to devote an entire day to sharing our experience with the challenges we had faced in our projects and dissect the different ways managers decided to handle them. We were also presented with a host of practical tips, tricks and methods directed at finessing the key aspects of project and risk management. All of this was done in a very practical and hands-on fashion.

Martin Pitor

Head of CRM - Bluelink

A wide array of learning points applicable in both personal and professional life.

Kateřina Burianová

The Centre of European Projecting (Centrum evropského projektování a.s.)

My first-ever experience with a SHINE course. It’s definitely one of the most useful courses I’ve ever attended.

Martin Vaněk

Manufacturing Engineer - Thermo Fisher Scientific (Praha) s.r.o.

The course helped me improve myself personally and professionally. Life made simple and better.

Gabriela Grünová


More SHINE courses please! It’s not all theory but it’s a very practical workshop, too.

Lenka Bohuslavová

Consultant - AIMTEC a.s.

I have great experience with SHINE-led training. I have already taken part in a number of workshops – they are always very professional with engaging presentation.

Radovan Toman

Head of production - TEVA Czech Industries s.r.o.

An amazingly well-prepared course, very interactive, great coaching by trainers, group work.

Jana Holánková

Information Manager - QCM, s.r.o.

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We are the market leaders with a unique market position – an excellent team of experienced and highly-qualified experts guiding you through change.

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