Terms and conditions of open courses provided by SHINE Consulting s.r.o.

  1. The only way to book and order courses and programmes run by SHINE Consulting is by doing so online at www.shine.cz in the respective section of the course/programme in question. Participants are registered on the basis of the order of bookings placed.  Prices are contractual in accordance with Act no. 526/90 Coll., VAT will be listed separately in the tax document provided.
  2. The contract is entered into and becomes binding once the confirmation of receipt of order placed electronically by the customer is issued by SHINE Consulting s.r.o.
  3. Confirmation of order will be sent upon receipt of said order.
  4. Upon placing the order, the customer undertakes to pay the participant fee within the stated period by means of a bank transfer (wire transfer) to the account registered with SHINE Consulting s.r.o. The payment must be made on the basis of a pro forma invoice, invoice, or payment request sent to the customer via email (variable symbol provided must be referenced in transfer details) and must be completed at least 5 days prior to the event date. The account number is stated at www.shine.cz/kontakt. The pro forma invoice, invoice, or payment request are typically sent to the customer 2 – 4 weeks prior to the event date, unless stated otherwise.
  5. SHINE Consulting s.r.o. is a VAT payer. A taxation document – an invoice – will be issued upon receipt of amount due (at SHINE account) and sent electronically to the customer’s address.
  6. Upon course/programme completion, the customer shall receive a tax document confirming receipt of payment (invoice) via email (or mail if requested). Payments completed after the event has taken place will be handled in the same manner.
  7. Timely cancellation (without cancellation fee) is a cancellation requested in writing (email) at least 21 calendar days prior to course/programme date.
  8. The following cancellation fees apply in case of course/programme cancellation requested:
    • 20-15 – calendar days prior to event - 25 % of the course fee
    • 14 - 8 calendar days prior to event - 50 % of the course fee
    • 7 - 4 calendar days prior to event - 75 % of the course fee
    • Up to 3 calendar days prior to event - 100 % of the course fee
    • If no notice of cancellation is received or in case of no-show, the full amount for course is charged
  9. By placing an online order, the customer agrees to be liable for any cancellation fees stipulated herein.
  10. Participants unable to attend the event may be replaced with a substitute – no cancellation fee is charged in such cases. Any substitutions are subject to approval by a competent person at SHINE Consulting s.r.o.
  11. Any absence (including temporary absences) from events which have already been paid does not provide any legal ground for refunds (even partial) for the event/events missed nor does it provide any ground for any discounts or deductions for future events or re-runs of the event/events missed.
  12. SHINE Consulting s.r.o. reserves the right to change the date or cancel the course/programme for technical or other reasons. Participants registered to attend will always be notified of any changes of this nature at least 7 calendar days prior to the event.
  13. SHINE Consulting s.r.o. does not undertake to bear any financial compensation associated with or arising from attendance at a given course/programme (travel costs, accommodation, lost profits etc.). If requested, accommodation can be arranged and provided upon agreement.
  14. Any changes after the order has been placed are only possible upon written request (email) and subject to an agreement approved by both contractual parties

Feel free to contact us with any queries

Kateřina Šplouchalová (SHINE Consulting s.r.o.)
mobil: +420 605 960 117, e-mail: katerina.splouchalova@shine.cz


Current prices are listed in each course/programme description and on the open courses calendar.


Course fees and services

Course fee includes event hosting, preparation and realization of course/programme, venue rent, venue preparation (organization and preparation of materials and facilities), technical equipment, course materials, refreshments (coffee breaks, lunch menus including 1 drink), certificate of attendance.

For standard courses the fee includes refreshments but does not include or cover accommodation.

In case of long-term residential module programmes, boarding and lodging are fully arranged but paid for separately.

All prices listed here are exclusive of VAT.



Early payment bonus

Bonus for payment in advance in the announced period before the start of the course/program. The price of the course fee is reduced for those participants who order and pay for the course/program within the stated announced date, or if they are among a certain number of the first registered. This bonus only applies to selected courses/programs and is always listed for that program on the web.

Individual VIP bonuses, gift certificates, special offers

Clients receive bonuses from the amount of the course fee. Information about a possible bonus is given for individual courses or events, or can be provided in the form of a voucher within selected marketing events and webinars. In cases of entitlement to more bonuses, the client is always granted only the higher one, they are not accumulated. The validity of bonus promotions is limited in time. Bonuses do not accumulate.

Customers claiming the bonus or special offer must notify the provider in the comment section of the order being placed. 

Feel free to contact us with any queries

Lucie Hajkrová (SHINE Consulting s.r.o.)
mobil: +420 737 929 033, e-mail: lucie.hajkrova@shine.cz


Organizational information

Order confirmation

After your order has been received and processed by the online system at www.shine.cz , you will receive your order confirmation in pdf format.



A pro forma invoice (advance payment request), an invoice, or a payment request are typically sent two to four weeks prior to the event, unless stated otherwise. Payment is due prior to the start of the course/programme.


Course/programme invitation

Course/programme participants will receive an invitation via email one to two weeks prior to the training event. The invitation describes training content and includes all relevant organizational information such as training schedule, location etc. For specific course types, participants may receive a questionnaire mapping their individual needs (expectations).



Every participant will receive study materials, worksheets, and reading tips (topic-related literature). The materials will usually be submitted in digital form.



Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance. Some of our programmes are part of the accredited programme Project Management in Practice. Your certificate may count towards the mandatory preparation required for certification and re-certification according to the IPMA® standards. More information about the prerequisites and conditions related to certification and re-certification is available at the IPMA® certification section.


After the course/programme

Course/programme outputs along with recommendations for further development, and pictures (where available) will be emailed to the participants after the event.


Standard courses

Course format

The course may be conducted in-person or online. SHINE Consulting s.r.o. reserves the right to change the course format from in-person to online whenever deemed necessary, e.g. should the epidemiological situation require it. In the event of course format alteration, the participant shall be notified at least one week prior to the original course date.


Event location

The courses are delivered in Prague and Brno. In Prague at the Shine Leadership Training Center at M. Horákové 116/109, 160 00, Prague 6 - Hradčany. In Brno at the Kaštanová Center at Kaštanová 515 / 125a, 620 00, Brno - Tuřany. Residential open courses take place in our trusted venues (hotels mostly).


Time schedule

The register is typically taken between 8:45 a.m. and 9 a.m., tuition takes place between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. In the case of 0.5 days of online training, the times are usually between 09:00 - 12:30. For all-day courses than from 9:00 to 16:00. The exact event timetable will be provided in the event invitation.



Refreshments are included in the price. Apart from a number of coffee breaks, lunch and one beverage (one-hour break) will be provided at a restaurant nearby the course/programme location or at the event location itself.



In the case of standard courses, we do not pay for or provide accommodation. 



We do not arrange or cover the cost of transport. Our website and the invitation provide detailed information about the event location, address, and transport connections within Prague.


Online Courses

Courses which run online require access to ZOOM (videoconference platform). ZOOM is available for download and uses free of charge but you can also join a ZOOM meeting via your internet browser without ZOOM installation. Online courses require a good quality internet connection and a computer equipped with a webcam and a microphone. Furthermore, you must be able to access the cloud services jamboard.com and MURAL.co (Free access is sufficient). Detailed information regarding technical requirements will be included in your course invitation.

The participant understands that SHINE may perform audio and video recording of the online course. The record is available to course participants and can also be done for the internal needs of SHINE (purpose of improvement, evaluation of lecturers, etc.). SHINE will not publish the recorded records, or parts of them, or provide them to anyone else, except for participants in the course.

Residential programmes

Event location

All events take place at premium venues (i.e. hotels) with excellent facilities and equipment provided. Programmes take place in selected locations outside Prague which provide an extensive range of services and a great variety of leisure activities.


Time schedule

The schedule always allows for the convenient and timely arrival of participants at the event location. Typically, the first training day starts at 10 a.m.; the last training day finishes at 4 p.m.



Full board package (coffee breaks, lunches and dinners).



Accommodation is always provided directly in the hotel and is not included in the course fee.



Participants arrange and pay for their own transport.


Our team

Top-quality courses and programmes rely on the experience and knowledge of our team of professionals and experts. We provide individual consultancy and services of the highest professional standard as regards methodology, organization, and administration.
Selected standard open courses are available in both Czech and English.


Contact person:

Kateřina Šplouchalová (SHINE Consulting s.r.o.)
mobil: +420 605 960 117, e-mail: katerina.splouchalova@shine.cz

Personal data protection

Information on personal data processing as carried out by SHINE Consulting s.r.o. is available in the section titled „Rules of personal data protection“, of our website.

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