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Follow-up programmes

How to introduce agility so that it actually helps

You will gain an understanding of the true meaning of agility and its principles and you w...

Course type: Open , Custom-made

Financial management of projects and changes

Working on projects and changes has become an inseparable part of a professional’s work li...

Course type: Custom-made

Project risk management

Do you want to organize your knowledge and develop your skills in project risk management?...

Course type: Open , Custom-made

Remote collaboration on projects

Do you have a project team spread out in different locations? Is communication mostly elec...

Course type: Open , Custom-made

Operational project portfolio management

How to ensure success of Operational Project Portfolio Management? How to deal with the Pr...

Course type: Open , Custom-made

Mind maps practically and effectively

Do you need to develop your creativity and practical skills of structuring and visualizati...

Course type: Custom-made

Advanced project management techniques

Do you need to deepen your knowledge in the field of initiation, strategy, and planning of...

Course type: Open , Custom-made

Innovation – balancing order and chaos

Innovation is about finding the right space in between two opposing principles. On the one...

Course type: Open , Custom-made

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