About us

We believe that you will enjoy working on your projects, changes, and innovations. We provide meaningful, simple, and practical solutions which lead to increased efficiency and promote personal well-being.


  • 25+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE SHARED - GUARANTEED RESULT FOR YOU  Our team boasts a wide range of internationally certified specialists with a proven managerial track record.
  • 250+ CLIENTS IN 3 YEARS - GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ACROSS FIELDS AND SECTORS We boast a number of long-running references and referrals in the areas of consultancy and training from institutions and companies operating in a variety of fields and across all management levels.
  • 500+ CONSULTATION AND TRAINING DAYS A YEAR - WE KNOW WHICH THINGS ARE GENUINELY USEFUL We run over 500 training and consultation days every year. We’re practical. We have management experience and know-how to put changes into practice. 
  • 214 HOURS OF ACCREDITED TRAINING SESSIONS - YOUR SOLUTION IS AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY Top quality proven by accreditation. We draw on a pool of 214 internationally accredited training sessions. We are the first and only holder of both IPMA® and PMI® international accreditations for certification in the Czech Republic.
  • 5+ YEARS GROUND-BREAKING SOLUTION IN THE AREA OF MOTIVATION MOTIV-ACE® - SAVE TIME AND MONEY. We were the first to develop a unique ground-breaking solution for motivating people working on projects, changes, and innovations. We don’t give advice. We work closely with you.  The close partnership combined with our unique “co-pilot” method allow us to help you gain a quick return on your investment and effort.

Our references


We are your guides on a journey of changes – we guide company owners, directors, leaders, management members, and project managers. We shine the light on the darkness that often obscures chaotic projects, innovations, and changes.

Knowing how to bring a project or change implementation to a successful end and how to ensure long-term company stability. Knowing how to lead and motivate a team and creating an environment of genuine collaboration. These are key know-how components we can transfer to you.

We have only one goal at heart – your success.

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