About us

We provide meaningful, simple, and practical digital project solutions that lead to increased efficiency, personal well-being and joy.


  • 25+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE SHARED - GUARANTEED RESULT FOR YOU.  Our team boasts a wide range of internationally certified specialists with a proven managerial track record.
  • 250+ CLIENTS IN 3 YEARS - GENERAL KNOWLEDGE ACROSS FIELDS AND SECTORS. We boast a number of long-running references and referrals in the areas of consultancy and training from institutions and companies operating in a variety of fields and across all management levels.
  • 500+ CONSULTATION AND TRAINING DAYS A YEAR - WE KNOW WHICH THINGS ARE GENUINELY USEFUL. We run over 500 training and consultation days every year. We’re practical. We have management experience and know-how to put changes into practice. 
  • 214 HOURS OF ACCREDITED TRAINING SESSIONS - YOUR SOLUTION IS AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY. Top quality proven by accreditation. We draw on a pool of 214 internationally accredited training sessions. We are the first holder of both IPMA® international accreditation for certification in the Czech Republic.
  • 5000+ HOURS OF ONLINE TRAINING AND WORKSHOPS CONDUCTED SINCE MAY 2020 - WE KNOW WHAT REALLY WORKS. We draw on our long-standing experience to present fine-tuned online solutions and effective training methods.
  • 7+ YEARS GROUND-BREAKING SOLUTION IN THE AREA OF MOTIVATION MOTIV-ACE® - SAVE TIME AND MONEY. We were the first to develop a unique ground-breaking solution for motivating people working on projects, changes, and innovations. We don’t give advice. We work closely with you.  The close partnership combined with our unique “co-pilot” method allow us to help you gain a quick return on your investment and effort.

Our references


We are your guides on a journey of changes – we guide company owners, directors, leaders, management members, and project managers. We shine the light on the darkness that often obscures chaotic projects, innovations, and changes.

Knowing how to bring a project or change implementation to a successful end and how to ensure long-term company stability. Knowing how to lead and motivate a team and creating an environment of genuine collaboration. These are key know-how components we can transfer to you.

We have only one goal at heart – your success.

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