About us

 We help people discover their personalised path to manage projects in flow in AI age.

We provide meaningful, simple, and practical digital project solutions that lead to increased efficiency, personal well-being and joy


  1. 25+ years of shared experience: our team consists of experts with management experience and international certifications in the field with more than a quarter of a century of experience. We guarantee results that will make a real difference to you.
  2. 842+ Clients: we have insight across industries and experience with clients from different sectors and management levels. Our services are proven and have a solid place in the market.
  3. 500+ consulting and training days per year: Our hands-on, on-the-ground experience means we know what you can use. We are practitioners who know how to translate theory into practice.
  4. 214 hours of accredited training: we offer a wide range of internationally accredited training through the SHINE Project Management Academy®. We were the first in the country to be accredited to the international IPMA® standard and have maintained this accreditation for many years. We also provide several open online project academies.
  5. 7000+ hours of online training and workshops by 2020: our online solutions are fine-tuned to perfection. We have extensive experience in customizing training procedures for maximum effectiveness and engagement.
  6. 10+ years of breakthrough MOTIV-ACE® motivation solution: our innovative approaches save you time and money. We use our unique solutions to help motivate agile project teams. 
  7. Project COPILOT: We offer long-term support for leaders and project managers. This service combines a human approach with the use of AI, including our own ChatGPT SHINE Project COPILOT and SHINE AI Chatbot tools. Project COPILOT leverages our unique copilot® method. with the trademarked method that we have been using in corporate environments since 2016 to drive success, manage c,hange and drive quality project management.  
  8. Project Management 5.0 - a non-commodity solution: We are at the forefront of using modern technology and AI in project management. We have developed our non-commodity approach that combines both the improvement of SKILLS and ATTITUDES. We are the only company in the market using the Talent Dynamics typology in project management. Our solutions are designed to provide you with the latest tools and methods for your projects.
  9. A personalized approach: every client is unique to us. Our services are flexible and will be tailored to your specific needs and goals.
  10. Satisfaction guarantee: we stand behind the quality of our services. We offer a satisfaction guarantee to ensure that your investment in education and consulting with SHINE Consulting is the best choice.


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SHINE Story 

We are pioneers in creating a fair environment for executing projects, changes, and innovations in the AI age.

We support the transition to Society 5.0. A human-centered society.
Society 5.0 needs a different approach to project management. It needs Project Management 5.0. That, like Society 5.0, is human-centered. 

Project Management 5.0  has three pillars - the CHARACTERS, the ATTITUDES, and the CAPABILITIES of the people involved.

We combine: