About us

 We help people discover their personalised path to manage projects in flow in AI age.

We provide meaningful, simple, and practical digital project solutions that lead to increased efficiency, personal well-being and joy


  • 25+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE SHARED - GUARANTEED RESULT FOR YOU.  Our team boasts a wide range of internationally certified specialists with a proven managerial track record.
  • 842+ CLIENTS - WE HAVE AN OVERVIEW ACROSS INDUSTRIES. We have trusted referrals in both consulting and training - from across industries and all levels of management.  
  • 500+ CONSULTATION AND TRAINING DAYS A YEAR - WE KNOW WHICH THINGS ARE GENUINELY USEFUL. We run over 500 training and consultation days every year. We’re practical. We have management experience and know-how to put changes into practice. 
  • 214 HOURS OF ACCREDITED TRAINING SESSIONS - YOUR SOLUTION IS AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY. Top quality is proven by accreditation. We draw on a pool of 214 internationally accredited training sessions. We are the first holder of both IPMA® international accreditation for certification in the Czech Republic.
  • 7000+ HOURS OF ONLINE TRAINING AND WORKSHOPS CONDUCTED SINCE MAY 2020 - WE KNOW WHAT REALLY WORKS. We draw on our long-standing experience to present fine-tuned online solutions and effective training methods.
  • 7+ YEARS OF GROUND-BREAKING SOLUTIONS IN THE AREA OF MOTIVATION MOTIV-ACE® - SAVE TIME AND MONEY. We were the first to develop a unique ground-breaking solution for motivating people working on projects, changes, and innovations. We don’t give advice. We work closely with you.  The close partnership combined with our unique “co-pilot” method allows us to help you gain a quick return on your investment and effort.

Our references


We are pioneers in creating a fair environment for executing projects, changes and innovations in AI age.

We support the transition to Society 5.0. A human-centred society.
Society 5.0 needs a different approach to project management. It needs Project Management 5.0. That, like Society 5.0, is human-centred. 

Project Management 5.0 has three pillars - the CHARACTERS, the ATTITUDES and the CAPABILITIES of the people involved.
Thus, we combine the Wealth/Talent Dynamics typology  for discovering people's characters, the unique MOTIV-ACE solution for creating self-organizing project teams and effective training of project management knowledge and skills in the online world.

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