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What do customers say about our SHINE Consulting consultants and trainers? What is their experience with SHINE-led projects and courses and have they found our services useful? How does SHINE fare as regards customer satisfaction?
Read our reference section, which details a variety of testimonials and feedback to our work performed and services delivered over the past 25 years in the field.

And as nothing beats personal first-hand experience, we look forward to seeing you at one of our open courses!

Tomáš Dolejš CEO, INFOMATIC s.r.o.

After ten years of business, we were looking for a way to transform the company from a small company, and the associated management processes, into a medium-sized company with further growth opportunities. We knew that a "spring cleaning" was needed, covering all corners of the main production process, project, operational and economic management. The option was to run an internal project or choose external collaboration. In a short tender, betting on SHINE Consulting was a good choice. Very quickly, we and the people of SHINE tuned in to the right note and began to revise, create and consolidate the company into a new vision of operation. After a short time, we are sure that the effort and costs invested in many ways will return to us and will return in the future. Not only in the better functioning of the company but also the simple fact that we are now "sleeping better". We didn't have to go the trial-and-error route. It's great to work with people who understand what they're doing, and it's fun for them.

Dana Kvolková HR Manager, PULS investiční s.r.o.

The training workshop we took part in was aimed at project management within the context of innovation for advanced project leaders and it took place online due to the coronavirus outbreak.
We really wanted to make sure that the workshop happened – the training was intended to help us align our work methods, gain new ideas, and inspire the joy of project work.
We managed to meet these very objectives throughout the session chiefly thanks to the SHINE team, whose professionalism proved all the more important in the online environment.
What we also gained from the experience was a holistic, comprehensive conception of how to implement strategic changes in the era of digitalisation. The course-takers are now well-equipped to create the change intent and knowledgeable about the systematic encouragement and development of worker competences required in the era of digitalisation and Industry 4.0. SHINE Consulting s.r.o. spearheaded by Josef Hajkr did an amazing job.  
I wholeheartedly recommend this team of professionals for anyone seeking training development opportunities for their workers in project management.  

Nikola Bednaříková Schneider Electric a.s

Professional approach, relaxed atmosphere and pleasant pace of SHINE Consulting training.

Patrik Šúchal Executive officer, manager, S.R.-WELDINGSTEEL s.r.o.

A very pleasant environment and friendly atmosphere with plenty of useful and insightful information.

Vladislav Roháč QA OPEX Manager, TEVA Czech Industries s.r.o.

Thank you for a useful and worthwhile course! A great opportunity to compare useful theory with our practical daily experience.

Tomáš Bílý Electromechanical Engineer, ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems

Great attitude and training content. It certainly met my expectations.

Ondřej Bartoněk Project engineer, CS CABOT, spol. s r.o.

The instruction was very practical and simple, delivered in a manner that speaks to the team’s professionalism.

Petr Mráz Manufacturing Operations Manager, Loma Systems s.r.o.

A great team of experienced professionals.

Radovan Toman Head of production - TEVA Czech Industries s.r.o.

I have great experience with SHINE-led training. I have already taken part in a number of workshops – they are always very professional with an engaging style of presentation.

Jindřich Zmidloch Senior IT Project Manager, PMP® - Raiffeisenbank a.s.

I have already taken a number of SHINE-run courses and they have proven to be the best option the market has to offer.

Zdeněk Svecar IT Project Manager, Red Hat EMEA Region

A very well-structured training course combining practical experience with example-based instruction.

Milan Tlustoš Project engineer- I&C Energo a.s.

Learning by doing is arguably the best method to improve oneself.

Tomáš Plechatý Corporate Programs Project Manager - Doosan Bobcat EMEA s.r.o.

Amazing insight into the strategies for management of portfolios, programmes, and projects.

Jiří Vízdal Programme/Project Manager - Globus ČR, k.s.

It was a very enjoyable training event in a small group. The size of the group helped provide plenty of space for open group discussion, experience sharing and networking. And the impeccable service was another great benefit!

Blanka Chladová HR Business Partner - ComAp, a.s.

SHINE invariably helps me find a different way to look at my work.

Radka Suchá Distribution digitalisation manager - E. ON Distribuce, a.s.

The whole experience was of great benefit. New valuable experience and knowledge. I appreciate their professionalism with a friendly touch. I can wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone interested in the subject.

Lukáš Harvánek IT coordinator - MD ELEKTRONIK spol. s r.o.

I had already taken part in a large number of various training sessions. What I particularly liked about SHINE team’s training style was the emphasis on immediate testing of participants’ grasp of the material covered.

Jiří Petr Technician, investor supervisor - innogy Gas Storage, s.r.o.

The course helped expand my knowledge of the subject matter.

Adam Štefanka Consultant - ITeuro, a.s.

A great experience! Good trainers and amazing real-life lessons and observations.

Pavel Mrkos GTS Engineer - Thermo Fisher Scientific (Praha) s.r.o.

One of the best project management courses ever! Lots of practical examples and engaging work with participants.

Václav Sinkule Consultant - AIMTEC Outsourcing s.r.o.

The right people in the right place. Very engaging and captivating. Lots of practical real-life examples – easy to remember.

Martin Sirový Head of FS construction - Engel strojírenská spol. s r.o.

Great professional performance that speaks volumes about the team’s experience and a great deal of preparation.

Ondřej Vršecký Komerční banka, a.s.

I certainly did not expect to chance upon such an engaging and interesting PM workshop. Shine did a good job.

Marek Janošek Quality control lab operator - Brembo Czech s.r.o.

I love training events led by professionals with a proven track record – it’s quite rare these days!

Jiří Chaloupka Senior specialist for POS terminal integration and validation - T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s.

What I most appreciate about the workshops is the marriage of theory and practice. It is always more than welcome when trainers have practical real-life experience of their own.

Michaela Šmídková RIS3 assistant - JIC, an interest association of legal persons

Definitely worth the time spent in class. Very beneficial and useful for project work. There was a practical example demonstrating the management of a project for designing a digger prototype and it was simply awesome.

Miloslav Pospíšil Senior manager Technical department - Bang & Olufsen, s.r.o.

SHINE will help you advance yourself :-) They will help you grasp and realise your goals.

Tomáš Velek Head of Audi division - Porsche Česká republika s.r.o.

They certainly know their stuff. Realistic and grounded facts – no fluff or ballast.

Petr Lískovec Logistics head - Schneider Electric a.s

An extremely well-designed and delivered training workshop helping us to find a shared conception of change management.

Jan Hamza IT Project Manager - Sotio a.s.

Courses extend beyond classroom experience and they are grounded in real-life experience.

Viktor Golka Project Management Controller - Komerční banka, a.s.

A very well-prepared course. Content-wise, this is the only course of its kind on the Czech market.

Jirka Vízdal Programme/Project Manager - Globus ČR, k.s.

It was a very enjoyable training event in a small group. The size of the group helped provide plenty of space for open group discussion, experience sharing and networking. And the impeccable service was another great benefit!

Petr Gratz Director Engineering, Honeywell

Michal has a great innovation mindset and spirit and more important he always thinks about value proposition and business impact for his ideas and innovations. We had a chance to work together on some very exciting innovations improving safety and productivity for airlines and pilots. Michal was driving it and from the day one proactively worked with some key customers to both validate the value of these innovations as well as to setup some strategic partnerships.

Petr Ondra EMEA Business Development Manager, Inventec

Michal draws on years of experience in creating innovative-culture environments in a variety of organizations. He has run and led several successful innovative projects from the marketing phase through to actual market launch.

Eva Sojáková Professional Development Specialist, Česká národní banka

I consider the Project Thinking course to be one of the most useful courses I have ever taken. The content is perfectly polished, each word or model situation accurately captures the idea, so that participants perfectly understand the meaning and significance of what is said. The lecturers are extremely proficient and can perfectly maintain attention and creative cooperation. It is one of those courses where one is explicitly looking forward to being able to start applying the learned theory in practice. Even after a long time, much of what has been said continues to resonate in me.

Barbora Velková

Přemek is very nice and entertaining and his instruction is both clear and gripping

Ondrej Hegar ROBE

An amazing experience rich in both theory and practice coupled with plenty of opportunities to learn and share the practical experience of other participants.

Gabriela Štamberová Synthon

A great degree of professionalism translated into a well-delivered training session. The trainer created a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Even though the content was deep and required thinking time, the way the whole training was conducted made it really fun to learn new things and deal with the challenging tasks presented.

Martina Šeneklová Synthon

An amazing training event. Fascinating trainers. A warm and hospitable environment. Well-researched and well-prepared materials. Interesting workshop segments.

Martin Kudlička Technical Trainer, Thermo Fisher Scientific (Praha) s.r.o.

I can wholeheartedly recommend this company. I was absolutely satisfied.

Lenka Bohuslavová Consultant, AIMTEC a.s.

More SHINE-led training please! Not just theory….. every workshop is packed with tons of practice

Otakar Horák Consultant, AIMTEC Outsourcing s.r.o.

I very much appreciate the practical examples provided by the trainer and the trainer themselves

Tereza Čápová Operations Capability Manager, Plzeňský Prazdroj

Professional and yet warm and friendly. The trainer is clearly an expert with a knack for translating things into layman’s terms. Many thanks.

Martin Rejchrt Senior Consultant, PROVYS

Another take-home benefit of the course was learning about standardizing the rules and the way conference calls are conducted so that all parties save precious time.

Šárka Malečková Schneider Electric a.s.

Very beneficial - it was not a "school", but a "training" with practical examples and solutions.

Ludmila Dostálová Project Manager, ON Semiconductor Czech Republic, s.r.o.

Amazing! Training delivered by true professionals.

David Jelínek Československá obchodní banka, a.s.

The trainer, Zdenko Staníček, absolutely exceeded my expectations.

Vojtěch Sikora Československá obchodní banka, a.s.

Thank you for an extremely professional training course.

Jindřich Strakoš Project Manager, Tieto Czech s.r.o.

Motiv-ace is the first solid solution for rewarding. The course teaches you all about it.

Štěpán Franc Project manager, SOTIO a.s.

The course itself exceeded my expectations.

Lubomír Kovařík CEO, Česká zbrojovka, a.s.

  • Trying to find an ideal tool to make us implement strategic tasks more efficiently, more straightforwardly and faster, our company has tested several management approaches. Last year, we decided to address our specific needs with the latest approaches to project management – and it turned out quickly that the decision was a good one. I can say our collaboration with SHINE Consulting has been perfect. Our joined efforts led to developing an extremely efficient way of managing change within a short span of time, which we integrated into the existing organization structure without difficulty. One great benefit was the transparency of the whole process – all employees understood the nature and purpose of the
  • change very fast. This made the launch of the new system of management easier and increased employees’ motivation.

Marek Herbst Implementation director, Škoda Transportation a.s.

“We have co-operated with the team of Ing. Hajkr repeatedly in the past years, namely in the field of competence development of project managers. This co-operation not only helped enormously in the knowledge and skills development of our employees and their subsequent certification, but also better co-operation was established and harmonisation of methodology of project management was achieved within the enlarged implementation teams in all companies within the transport division of ŠKODA. This was all thanks to high level of professionalism, flexibility and customer-oriented approach exhibited by all lecturers and consultants of the provider. We benefitted from the fact that the comprehensive information and education package was “tailor-made” and corresponded with our needs and technical focus. The whole training program was very well prepared, the visual aids were of a high quality and practical exercises were sophisticated, well thought-out and based on concrete project situations.” 

Petr Chaloupka Business Support Director, Konica Minolta Solutions Czech, s.r.o.

We started searching for a strong and steady partner to help us develop our company´s project culture. Our cooperation with SHINE Consulting proved very effective and I can say after these two years we have found a partner who understands our requirements and needs. The long-term goal of the cooperation was creating a concise and integrated methodology to enable us to meet the wishes and needs of our clients fast and effectively. Another important aspect of our cooperation was training all company employees in project management. This is why we prepared a long-term training programme. It was received by our employees very well and not only has it enabled us to implement an integrated project methodology but it also provides us with a competition advantage as far as our clients are concerned. Not only do I regard the services of SHINE Consulting as very professional, but I also have a high esteem for the individual approach of the whole team. The ability to move from the service provider/client relationship to the partner/client relationship is what makes SHINE Consulting stand out among their competitors.

Miroslav Ostrý Director General, HESTEGO, a.s.

  • “SHINE Consulting has delivered for our company a consulting project focused on project culture improvement. Within the project, the current state of project culture in our company was analysed and a tailor-made solution developed. This solution was implemented under SHINE's guidance, including support in the initial phases of the new system's run. I can only say that cooperation with the team by SHINE, led by Lead Consultant Ing. Michael Motal, was excellent throughout the project. I appreciated especially the highly professional approach: from careful and detailed preparation, through interactive training, to pilot project coaching. My original idea was that we could train our people ourselves as well as introduce project culture into our company on our own. In retrospect, I can see how naive this idea was. The shift in project management our company has undergone last year is incredible. The main benefits we can see after the project has been completed are especially these:
  • We are able to distinguish between what is and what is not a project.
  • Our employees are able to get ready necessary materials for decisions about projects to be made by the management (why do this, project objectives, benefits etc.).
  • We can plan projects better, appoint implementation teams, plan resources.
  • Project managers and their teams can manage projects on their own.
  • We have learned to manage project portfolios.
  • These techniques we have learned help us launch manufacture of new products more effectively. (In shorter times, with less operational management = less stress.) All important change (development) in the company is also managed consistently through individual project phases. I think most of my colleagues can hardly see us doing this in any other way. We do not understand either how we could have been doing things in the "old stupid ways". 

Enxhi Nallbani Treasury Analyst / Project Manager, Zebra Technologies

It was better than expected. Even if virtually, it was dynamic, interesting and the length of time + breaks made it better.

Radim Olajoš Independent developer, Austin Detonator

Excellent experience in both professional and personal life. I liked practical examples and practical exercises.

Aneta Hájková Junior Customer Development Manager, Plzeňský Prazdroj

Well prepared online training. I want to commend the preparation, the division into teams, and the opportunity to immediately test the theories in practice.

Matěj Gala Manufacturing Automation Manager CZ&SK, Plzeňský Prazdroj

First experience with SHINE training. Well prepared, experienced and empathetic lecturer, fun and helpful. I enjoyed working in a team in an online environment

Miroslav Robeš greiner packaging slušovice s.r.o

The best project management training I've ever had. Miles ahead of others.

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