Know-How / Project management 5.0

In this article, I will show you the way to quickly and easily achieve great results without permanent overload thanks to Project Management 5.0 and how to gain an effective tool for dealing with crisis situations.

We all know that if we want to achieve something meaningful, we need to collaborate with other people. Whether it's family, sports, art, or business, project management is really useful here. However, project management can seem too complicated and unexciting at first glance. Just mentioning the term "agility" can give many people goosebumps when they recall constant chaotic changes and poorly cooperating, overloaded, and unmotivated people around them.

And yet, surprisingly, it is easy to handle everything effectively and smoothly!


From the society development to project management

Through the principle of hindsight, we can distinguish several stages of human society's development:


Hunter-gatherer society 1.0
Farmers society 2.0
Industrial society 3.0
Information society 4.0
Human-centered Society 5.0


It is true that one stage gradually transitioned to another. Even today, there are small areas where societies 1.0 and 2.0 still rule. The modern world now predominantly lives as the 4.0 Information Society. The magic word in project management here is "agility." The dominant state is stress and overload.


Society 5.0 is emerging

However, Society 5.0, focused on people, is already emerging on the horizon. Society 5.0 directs its attention to socially responsible projects, sustainability, and humanity.

This is possible by connecting virtual and physical space

Try to imagine yourself in a situation where you don't have to perform routine tasks and where many things are resolved in virtual space with direct involvement of technology. Modern technology in Society 5.0 takes over many activities that humans used to do before. Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, big data, and others will enable humans to have free time for the first time in history.


Society 5.0 thus means the end of the futile effort to endlessly increase people's productivity and turn them into living machines.

In every stage of human society's development, it was necessary to organize oneself. It was necessary to manage projects, even though people didn't call it that for a long time. The crucial thing is that the procedures and strategies that worked well in one stage of development were unusable at a higher stage.

Society 5.0 needs a different approach to project management. It needs Project Management 5.0, which, like Society 5.0, is focused on people. Technology is no longer the problem, as it is readily available and affordable. You can easily visualize, plan, and automate everything online. However, the decisive factor is people. The basic prerequisite is their digital and project mindset.


Project Management 5.0 

Project Management 5.0 has three pillars - CAPABILITIES, ATTITUDES, and CHARACTERS of the people involved.


These are about knowledge and skills - how we can use them in different project situations. You can develop people's capabilities through appropriate training. An example is our SHINE Project Management Academy®, where we train innovatively to manage projects in the digital age. A competency-based approach works best for developing skills. This approach is ideologically based on the international competence model IPMA®. We have simplified it slightly for practical use. We are using PROJECT MANAGEMENT CAPABILITY ASSESSMENT, where you can use online self-assessment tests to identify more precisely what needs to be improved.



Attitudes are related to motivation and people are motivated if projects make sense to them, if they are free to develop, and if they feel their efforts are fairly valued. You can achieve this by having the right environment for project work in your company. You can achieve a positive attitude through the so-called Motivation 3.0. Favorable attitudes can also be achieved by having the right people involved. We have found it helpful to provide project support by pairing a less experienced and/or overloaded project manager with a mentor.

At SHINE, we teach project teams how to clarify the purpose of a project, how to achieve autonomy for self-managed work, and how to improve people's mastery and sense of being valued within the team. We also have our own solution, MOTIV-ACE.COM, which enables effective feedback and evaluation within project teams in an agile environment. We are thus able to distribute project and innovation bonuses much more fairly.



Each of us has a natural talent for learning, leading, and living, and a natural strategy for good relationships at work and even for managing projects.

We all know that if we work on something we enjoy, see a purpose in, and that comes naturally to us, we are much more productive and satisfied.

As a diagnostic tool, we use online tests called Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics. This typology is practical and perfect for project management
We have been using it at SHINE since 2012. These tests are globally very successful (more than 500,000 people have already taken them).

Thanks to Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics tests, people can quickly discover their innate talents. You can use this knowledge to choose the right way to manage projects (out of 8 possible ways) and how to better collaborate with others. 
You can use the Wealth Dynamics test if you run, or want to start, a business. It will better focus your attention for success. You can use the Talent Dynamics test if you are more of a manager, project manager, or employee and want to function well within a team. Both tests are the same, your profiles are the same, and the reports you receive differ only partially.



In the movie Don't Look Up (Netflix 2021), we see the tragicomic fate of a world ruled by superficiality and stupidity. Perhaps you yourself are experiencing absurd situations around you. How do you want to live the remaining of your 4,000 weeks, which is usually the span of a human life?

Instead of looking down, do the opposite. Look up! The future is Society 5.0. Our Project Management 5.0 - characters, capabilities, and attitudes - connects the unique typology of the Wealth/Talent Dynamics typology (for uncovering people's characters and talents), SHINE Project Management Academy® (for effective online training of project management skills), and the innovative MOTIV-ACE® and online mentoring solution HELP WITH PROJECTS (for creating self-directed project teams and setting fair pricing). The combination of these four elements reliably leads people to a state of flow, greater satisfaction, and higher productivity.


Project Management 5.0 = attitudes + capabilities + characters = better results


Author: Josef Hajkr, CEO SHINE Consulting