Project Thinking

Suitable for anybody hoping to make their work more effective and simpler using selected project management techniques.

Courses run in the „academy format “. There are micro-learning videos, quizzes, in-class, and on-line training sessions and other kinds of support to help you put your learning into practice.

Project Thinking

Improve the way you organize work.

Available online

Project Thinking is a course that will teach you to use selected project management techniques to make your work simpler and more effective. After completing the course, you will be able to complete any task successfully!

Remote Collaboration

Learn to collaborate remotely

Available online

The Remote Collaboration course teaches you techniques you can immediately apply in the ONLINE world to make such collaboration meaningful and effective. The scope is broad and includes activities ranging from running video conference-based meetings to remote management of international teams.

Project Thinking - microlearning

Learn useful techniques through self-study

Available online

Project Thinking – microlearning is designed as an online study program featuring short, context-based videos, and quizzes.

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