Advanced project management techniques

Do you need to deepen your knowledge in the field of initiation, strategy, and planning of projects? Do you want to get better at working with the principles of agility, uncertainty, estimation, risk and assessing the project progress?

The target group

The programme is primarily designed for senior project managers and team leaders to expand their knowledge and sharpen their skills.
It is highly recommended for participants to have completed training in Effective Project Management.
The programme is also suitable as follow-up training within preparation for higher-level international certification and re-certification: IPMA Level A®, IPMA Level B®, IPMA PPMC®, PMI PMP®).


Course topics

Working with uncertainty and project scope

  • How to estimate properly
  • How to better agree the project scope – SCOPE management

Project scheduling and effective collaboration

  • Advanced project scheduling techniques – critical path method and critical chain method
  • Advanced project management techniques – Earned Value Management
  • Forming the project team for effective collaboration and communication


  • Broaden your knowledge and skillset for the whole project life cycle.
  • Enhance your ability to define the SCOPE of the project properly.
  • Learn how to improve working with uncertainty, estimates, and risks.
  • Develop your ability to create and stay on project schedule.
  • Learn how to direct a team towards effective collaboration.
  • Find out how the EVM technique helps manage a project.
  • Get better at agile approaches through a deeper understanding of key principles.

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Petr Kučera,

Vít Procházka,

Jan Hehejík,

Jiří Neužil,

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