Agile Leader 5.0

You will gain an understanding of the true meaning of agility and its principles and you will get a clear picture of the different ways agile approaches can be applied in the practical day-to-day life of a company. Agile Leadership: Enhance your ability to use agile approaches effectively by way of sharing individual real-life experience and receiving practical training.

The target group

This workshop is intended for individuals who want to apply Agile principles in managing people.  Also recommended for managers and experienced project managers eager to advance their project management knowledge.


7 reasons you should choose this course

  • Develop your ability to use the power of agile leadership and integrate agile into both day-to-day and project activities.
  • Come to understand the manager role in an agile organization.
  • Gain a better understanding of the kind of environment necessary for agile leadership and the use of agile on projects.
  • Get a better sense of the key techniques of agile thinking and doing.
  • Acquire an understanding of the principles and applicability of selected agile methods (working with vision, sequence of little triple constraints and agile retrospective, and planning).
  • Learn how to utilize agile principles for truly effective improvement.
  • Get inspired to develop a culture promoting real cooperation and to motivate employees in the existing environment.


Academy – an enjoyable and interactive learning format  

  • Cleverly thought-out activities laid out step by step – in-class and online.    
  •  Flipped Classroom -  online self-study before the workshop and effective use of time for joint training.
  • Top-notch learning environment - SHINE Project Management Academy at DIGISKILLS website. 


  • Open courses: -  2 x 0,5 day of online training supplemented by microlearning. Each 0.5 day consists of two 90-minute lessons. Lessons are being recorded. If you ever miss it, you can easily watch the lesson from the recording.
  • In-company courses:  They can also be implemented as in-class or hybrid with a combination of in-class and online training.

Course topics

Microlearning - Selfstudy preparation

Agile Leadership Fundamentals (1 training day, or 2x 4 hours on-line)

  • What is agile and agile leadership about? Triple constraint and agile principles. Vision and Intention. Agile leadership: Main tasks of an agile leader. Motivation 3.0 (Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose).Interactive summary using retrospection
  • People – culture – results: What makes people collaborate? Group culture. How to set the environment for real cooperation.
  • Steps to agile: Principles. 10 steps to agile. M

Support for putting learning into practice, microlearning, quizzes and other on-line materials.


Methods used and what is included in the price 

  • A comprehensive microlearning – (3 videos in total). Exclusive access to the learning management system (LMS) run by DIGISKILLS.CZInteractive training – presentation/instruction, individual and teamwork and guided discussion. The on-site practice of key techniques on selected case studies. Workshop-related fine-tuned materials for personal note-taking. 10 steps to agile - a „cookbook“for immediate application in practice. Model solutions to case studies presented. Presentations are available in downloadable PDF format. Photos documenting flipchart work by trainers and participant teams available for download (after the course). Recommended literature.



Internationally accredited for certification and re-certification according to IPMA®.   
Suitable for IPMA® Certified Agile Leader/ IPMA® Certified Agile Associate/IPMA® Level C, B, A certification and recertification.
Participants receive a certificate validating the completion of 8 hours in training
(Interactive training and self-study using microlearning videos and individual tasks with feedback).



Custom made course



A very well-prepared course. Content-wise, this is the only course of its kind on the Czech market.

Viktor Golka, Project Management Controller - Komerční banka, a.s.

Courses extend beyond classroom experience and they are grounded in real-life experience.

Jan Hamza, IT Project Manager - Sotio a.s.

SHINE invariably helps me find a different way to look at my work.

Blanka Chladová, HR Business Partner - ComAp, a.s.

Thank you for an extremely professional training course.

Vojtěch Sikora, Československá obchodní banka, a.s.

The trainer, Zdenko Staníček, absolutely exceeded my expectations.

David Jelínek, Československá obchodní banka, a.s.

Profesionálně vedený on-line seminář, vysoká míra interaktivity. Dlouhodobě navštěvuji kurzy SHINE, jsou to profíci, vždy se něčemu novému přiučím.

Lukáš Masopust, Zástupce vedoucího Centra HiLASE, Fyzikální ústav AV ČR, v.v.i.

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