Effective INNOVATION Management

Gain a competitive advantage and a unique market standing and leverage innovation to ensure continual growth in a challenging and dynamic time marked by changes. Create a process of innovation which eliminates random ideas and produces constructive ideas as a result of a systematic process. The journey to create a unique product is a craft you can master and we will show you way to do just that.

The target group

  • Company owners and managers who want to draw on innovation in order to succeed and achieve a unique market standing.
  • Leaders, senior managers, innovators, and visionaries.
  • Project managers and project office staff.
  • Those tasked with introducing and setting up company processes.
  • Anyone involved in developing new products and services.

3 reasons you should choose this course

  • Learn to introduce Innovation in a way that eliminates “random“ ideas, bringing structure and system to the way new ideas are formulated and making work more systematic.
  • Learning specific techniques for understanding customer needs and determining the right product value for the customer.
  • Get inspired on how to improve existing products and how to create new products and company processes in the era of digitalization and Industry 4.0. Test out selected techniques on real cases and hone your practical skills.

Course formats available

Choose one of the two options for the same price

  • In-class - 1 day of in-class training complemented by other learning support available both before and after course.
  • Online – 2x half-day of online training supplemented by other learning support available both before and after course.

Course topics

The world of innovation

  • What is innovation and what to innovate?
  • Overview of existing methods and when to use them.
  • Obstacles and how to overcome them.

How to bolster order and processes

  • The journey from idea to implementation.
  • The methodology of how to secure unique value for customer.
  • The method practised: Value Innovation Process. Real-life examples and experience

How to create an innovative environment

  • Innovation in company organization.
  • The Chaordic principle – combining order and chaos.
  • Company culture, motivating people.
  • SW tools – examples and recommendations.

Methods used and what is included in the price 

We will equip you with specific tips on the changes needed in your company and how to implement them in order to set up and promote an innovative culture represented by the right processes.

  • Interactive training – presentation/instruction, individual and teamwork and guided discussion,
  • On-site practice of key techniques on selected case studies,
  • Workshop-related fine-tuned materials for personal note-taking,
  • Value Innovation Management method for immediate application in practice.
  • Model solutions to case studies presented,
  • Presentations available in downloadable PDF format,
  • Photos documenting flipchart work by trainers and participant teams available for download (after the course),
  • Recommended literature.

Custom made course



Kurzy SHINE vždy přinesou nějaký nový podnět i k obvyklým tématům.

Pavel Žid, Chief Project Management Office - WEBCOM a.s.

Michal draws on years of experience in creating innovative-culture environments in a variety of organizations. He has run and led several successful innovative projects from the marketing phase through to actual market launch.

Petr Ondra, EMEA Business Development Manager, Inventec

Michal has a great innovation mindset and spirit and more important he always thinks about value proposition and business impact for his ideas and innovations. We had a chance to work together on some very exciting innovations improving safety and productivity for airlines and pilots. Michal was driving it and from the day one proactively worked with some key customers to both validate the value of these innovations as well as to setup some strategic partnerships.

Petr Gratz, Director Engineering, Honeywell

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