Effective project management

Pass this project management course and no project will ever get out hand again. We will teach you the nitty gritty of project management principles.


The target group

Intended for anyone involved in project work, from project managers and customers to project team members. This course is recommended for anyone seeking to take on and implement changes of greater complexity. Also suitable for anyone looking to get international certification in project management.  


7 reasons you should choose this course

  • We'll teach you how to clarify the project purpose and create a good assignment to avoid frequent assignment changes.
  • We'll teach you to think and act agile, creating flexible plans and useful results.
  • We'll teach you how to handle risks simply and effectively.
  • You'll learn to understand how to support and develop your co-workers' internal motivation.
  • We'll teach you how to prevent the project from getting blown out of proportion beyond your control in order to keep a solid footing for timely decision-making.
  • We'll teach you how to conduct project meetings quickly and yet effectively.
  • We'll teach you how to encourage cooperation through good communication.

Academy – an enjoyable and interactive learning format  

  • Cleverly thought-out activities laid out step by step – in-class and online.    
  •  Flipped Classroom -  online self-study before the workshop and effective use of time for joint training.
  • Top-notch learning environment - SHINE Project Management Academy at DIGISKILLS website. 

Choose one of the three options for the same price

  • Online -  4 x 1 day of online training supplemented by microlearning. Online support available throughout the course. 
  • Hybrid – 2 x 1 day of in-class training and a total of 2 x 1 day of online training with microlearning tools and other learning support available both before and after each course part.
  • In-class - 4 x 1 day of in-class training complemented by microlearning and other learning support available both before and after each course part.

Course topics

Microlearning course - preparation

Module 1: Project Management Fundamentals – part 1 (1 training day)

  • Start: Are we clear as to what constitutes the assignment? Do we know WHO and WHAT is part of the project?
  • Risks: Is it actually feasible/doable?
  • Support for putting learning into practice, microlearning, quizzes and other online materials.

Module 1: Project Management Fundamentals – part 1 (1 training day, or 2x 4 hours online)

  • Planning: Flexible plans for useful results! Creation of Work Breakdown Structure and project schedule.
  • Starting work: The kick-off is more than a mere project introduction!
  • Execution: Are meetings really not a problem at all? Interactive simulation of project preparation and project execution.
  • Support for putting learning into practice, microlearning, quizzes and other online materials.

Module 1 is also available as an open version in the English language

Module 2: Project Execution and Closing – part 1 (1 training day, or 2x 4 hours online)

  • Stakeholder management: Do we know-how and by who we're being influenced?
  • Reporting: So what is the situation, then?
  • Support for putting learning into practice and other online learning materials and tools.

Module 2: Project Execution and Closing – part 2 (1 training day)

  • Meeting cycles: Why do you often find yourself feeling apprehensive about meetings?
  • Communication types: Why don't others understand me?
  • Closing: All's well that ends well!
  • Lessons learned: Doing lessons learned in a different way. 
  • Support for putting learning into practice and other online materials and self-study learning tools.


Methods used and what is included in the price 

  • A comprehensive Project Thinking course - microlearning – (10 videos in total).
  • Exclusive access to the learning management system (LMS) run by DIGISKILLS.CZ. 
  • Interactive training – presentation/instruction, individual and teamwork and guided discussion,
  • The on-site practice of key techniques on selected case studies,
  • Workshop-related fine-tuned materials for personal note-taking,
  • Model solutions to case studies presented,
  • Presentations available in downloadable PDF format,
  • Photos documenting flipchart work by trainers and participant teams available for download (after the course),
  • Recommended literature.
  • Microlearning part is also available as separate online course Project Thinking - microlearning.



Internationally accredited for certification and re-certification according to IPMA® and PMI®.
Inspired by principles of PRINCE2® methodology. Participants receive a certificate validating the completion of 32 hours in training (PDUs).

Custom made course



An amazing training event. Fascinating trainers. A warm and hospitable environment. Well-researched and well-prepared materials. Interesting workshop segments.

Martina Šeneklová, Synthon

The whole experience was of great benefit. New valuable experience and knowledge. I appreciate their professionalism with a friendly touch. I can wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone interested in the subject.

Radka Suchá, Distribution digitalisation manager - E. ON Distribuce, a.s.

It was a very enjoyable training event in a small group. The size of the group helped provide plenty of space for open group discussion, experience sharing and networking. And the impeccable service was another great benefit!

Jiří Vízdal, Programme/Project Manager - Globus ČR, k.s.

I have great experience with SHINE-led training. I have already taken part in a number of workshops – they are always very professional with an engaging style of presentation.

Radovan Toman, Head of production - TEVA Czech Industries s.r.o.

What I most appreciate about the workshops is the marriage of theory and practice. It is always more than welcome when trainers have practical real-life experience of their own.

Jiří Chaloupka, Senior specialist for POS terminal integration and validation - T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s.

Definitely worth the time spent in class. Very beneficial and useful for project work. There was a practical example demonstrating the management of a project for designing a digger prototype and it was simply awesome.

Michaela Šmídková, RIS3 assistant - JIC, an interest association of legal persons

An amazing experience rich in both theory and practice coupled with plenty of opportunities to learn and share the practical experience of other participants.

Ondrej Hegar, ROBE

A great experience! Good trainers and amazing real-life lessons and observations.

Adam Štefanka, Consultant - ITeuro, a.s.

The course helped expand my knowledge of the subject matter.

Jiří Petr, Technician, investor supervisor - innogy Gas Storage, s.r.o.

I had already taken part in a large number of various training sessions. What I particularly liked about SHINE team’s training style was the emphasis on immediate testing of participants’ grasp of the material covered.

Lukáš Harvánek, IT coordinator - MD ELEKTRONIK spol. s r.o.

The instruction was very practical and simple, delivered in a manner that speaks to the team’s professionalism.

Ondřej Bartoněk, Project engineer, CS CABOT, spol. s r.o.

Great attitude and training content. It certainly met my expectations.

Tomáš Bílý, Electromechanical Engineer, ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems

Thank you for a useful and worthwhile course! A great opportunity to compare useful theory with our practical daily experience.

Vladislav Roháč, QA OPEX Manager, TEVA Czech Industries s.r.o.

A very pleasant environment and friendly atmosphere with plenty of useful and insightful information.

Patrik Šúchal, Executive officer, manager, S.R.-WELDINGSTEEL s.r.o.

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