External project management

Faced with a key project where failure is out of the question? The “co-pilot” method is a unique way of providing support and guidance to a sponsor and project manager during their project work.

How can this service be of use

  • A less-experienced manager/project coordinator will certainly appreciate valuable and well-grounded support and guidance.
  • You may be seeking experienced external brainpower as your own in-house project manager is currently engaged in other key work.
  • You may need an unbiased outsider perspective in dealing with key project parameters.

What are the key outputs

  • An external manager works closely with your internal manager/project co-ordinator and together they prepare, facilitate, and run meetings of the project team and the steering committee.

Individual components of the service include:

  • Project preparation and planning.
  • Workflow organization and management.
  • Communication and distribution of information in a project team.
  • Stakeholder relations management.
  • Setting a project motivational system.
  • Reporting to steering committee/project sponsor.


  • Immediate increase in productivity and work efficiency – our experienced manager immediately addresses your needs and concerns.
  • Identify mistakes and risks – an impartial manager is naturally not interested in “career-building” within your company, their sole interest is improving the way a particular project is managed.
  • Cost-saving –an external project manager does not work full-time and therefore costs less, helping a less-experienced manager to acquire essential skills and learn to manage things on their own.
  • A unique "Co-pilot" method ensures a successful transfer of theoretical understanding into practice.

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