IPMA® project management certification preparation course

Prepare yourself for project management certification under the guidance of examiners and co-authors of the IPMA® certification process for the Czech Republic.

Are you eager to succeed and finally get your IPMA® certification? Do you want to test your knowledge on a simulated written mock test and get feedback on your performance? Practical training and direct face-to-face interaction with IPMA® examiners and test co-authors for the Czech Republic will teach you all you need to know to get your desired certification.


The target group

The course is suitable for anyone looking to get international IPMA® certification as a manager or a consultant.

As a prerequisite, it is highly recommended for participants to have acquired sufficient understanding of the subject matter dealt with in the following key courses: Effective Project Management, Advanced Project Management Techniques  or Strategic Project and Change Management.


What is included in the price?

  • GUARANTEE OF SUCCESS: if you happen to fail your written IPMA examination (within two months of course completion), we will provide free on-line preparatory consultation for your resit.
  • Every participant will receive a copy of IPMA Individual Competence Baseline v.4 – Sea Wolf boardgame guide.


  • You will be prepared for both the oral and written IPMA® standard examination and skilled enough to prepare all requisite documentation.
  • You will have an excellent opportunity to discuss with IPMA examiners in person and thus get practical tips for individual preparation.
  • You will get to practise all terms and tools and techniques which typically prove to cause the most trouble during the certification process.

Free terms

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Aleš Finstrle,

Zdeněk Němeček,

Michal Pastrnek,

Jaroslav Brož,

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