Mentoring for the management of projects, changes, and innovations

Do you need to make sure your projects or changes and innovations get implemented successfully but standard methods fall short of their intended effect? Take advantage of support mentoring – together we come up with the solutions to meet your company or team needs.


Individual mentoring

  • Need help quickly to put your new knowledge into practice.
  • You need to come up with a specific solution or a particular way of team management but standard approaches and methods have failed.

Group mentoring

  • You need to get everyone in the team or its subpart to work together in a collaborative fashion but the usual tools and techniques have not produced the expected results.
  • You are aiming at strengthening team cohesion to maximize its collaborative potential and promote effective communication.

System-focused mentoring

  • You are looking to identify and target system bottlenecks inhibiting the successful delivery and implementation of projects, changes, and innovations.
  • You need to effect a change of mindset and secure the buy-in of those involved in projects, changes, and innovations to increase your chances of success.



  • Boosting performance and efficiency of individuals and the team itself.
  • Improving collaboration and cooperation.
  • Producing solutions that lead to successful completion and implementation of projects, chances, and innovations.

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