Operational Project Portfolio Management

How to ensure success of Operational Project Portfolio Management? How to deal with the Project Management Office? What are the tried and tested methods and techniques?

The target group

The workshop is intended especially for leading personnel in departments managing projects, project offices, or individuals responsible for project portfolio management. The workshop is also aimed at helping top management and senior management members develop the knowledge and abilities necessary for creating a favourable environment for project management within their organisation.

The programme is offered in two variants. The one-day variant (2x 0.5 days online) focuses mainly on the operational management of the project portfolio. The two-day variant (4x0.5 days online) additionally addresses topics related to programme management and may include a section on the establishment of a project office.

7 reasons you should choose this course

  • You will get a clear idea about the practical steps to be taken to ensure successful operational project portfolio management.
  • You will gain an understanding of project portfolio dynamics and get inspiration on how to work with the project portfolio effectively.
  • You will get your bearings when it comes to the key principles of source management in the multi-project environment.
  • You will learn how to deal with the PM Office and the PM Competence Centre.
  • You will get inspired as regards supporting portfolio management through technology.
  • You will become clear as to what constitutes portfolio management support from the headquarters and how to gain it.


Course topics

Key principles of managing project portfolios

  • What are the cornerstones of project portfolio management.
  • Generic portfolio types and different portfolio management approaches.
  • Multi-level management model, delegating authority and working with tolerances.
  • Methodology for project management / portfolio management within an organization.
  • Plans necessary for effective portfolio management.

Setting up project portfolios

  • Portfolio compilation.
  • Roles and responsibilities in portfolio management.
  • Categorization and prioritization as tools of effective portfolio management.

Operational project portfolio management

  • Portfolio component life cycle.
  • Portfolio dynamic and balance.
  • Working with resources in a multi-project environment.
  • Risk Management in a multi-project environment.

Programme management

  • The basic building blocks of program management.
  • How to establish a program and direct its implementation.
  • Operational programme management.

Project Management Offices OR Project Management Competence Centres, project support and coordination

  • Project Management Office – mission, function, services.
  • Introducing and maintaining a successful Project Management Office.
  • Project Management Office as internal advisory body and (co)creator of environment.

Supporting portfolio management

  • Human resources in portfolio management and their development.
  • Technical support for project management.
  • Organization culture and environment.


Methods used and what is included in the price 

This is not a regular training course but a systematically fine-tuned workshop aimed at sharing practical, real-life experience from SHINE practice. Participants will be encouraged to share their own ideas and practical experiences. The on-site practice of key techniques on selected case studies. Workshop-related fine-tuned materials for personal note-taking. Presentations are available in downloadable PDF format. Photos documenting flipchart work by trainers and participant teams available for download (after the course). Recommended literature.



Internationally accredited for certification and re-certification according to IPMA®.
Participants receive a certificate validating the completion of  8, or 15  hours in training (PDUs) according to the programme variant.

Custom made course



Profesionalní přístup a dobře prezentované. Líbila se mi forma prezentace pomocí myšlenkových map. 

Monika Šubínová, Product and special project manager, Slovak Telekom a.s.

Je to výborná příležitost pro lidi, kteří chtějí něco zlepšit ve své běžné práci.

Lilia Schmidt, ER Consultant - Easy Software s.r.o.

Velmi dobrá zkušenost. Shine je dobrý partner pro dlouhodobou spolupráci. Dokáže pomoct a připravit řešení na míru naší firmě.

Ferdinand Hodáň, Project Portfolio Manager - ComAp, a.s.

It was a very enjoyable training event in a small group. The size of the group helped provide plenty of space for open group discussion, experience sharing and networking. And the impeccable service was another great benefit!

Jiří Vízdal, Programme/Project Manager - Globus ČR, k.s.

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