Project Thinking

Get a better grip on tasks, projects, changes, and challenges – handle them with agility, efficiency, and greater ease.


The target group

Suitable for anybody hoping to make their work more effective and simpler using selected project management techniques. The course is suitable for anyone involved in dealing with tasks of greater complexity while cooperating with others (including external workforce). Prevent complex work from becoming too much to handle. 


5 reasons you should choose this course

  • Learn how to understand and grasp the assignment to prevent misunderstandings (e.g. „But I thought that“).
  • We will teach you how to clarify and define roles and responsibilities clearly.
  • Develop a better understanding of how to manage time and priorities of those involved in collaborative work
  • We will provide a practical demonstration of how well-handled communication may promote motivation and inspire collaboration.
  • Participants receive specific tips and a „cook book“ providing instructions for immediate application in practice.


Academy – an enjoyable and interactive learning format  

  • Cleverly thought-out activities laid out step by step – in-class and online.    
  •  Flipped Classroom -  online self-study before the workshop and effective use of time for joint training.
  • Top-notch learning environment - SHINE Project Management Academy at DIGISKILLS website. 


  • Open courses: -  2 x 0,5 day of online training supplemented by microlearning. Each 0.5 day consists of two 90-minute lessons. Lessons are being recorded. If you ever miss it, you can easily watch the lesson from the recording.
  • In-company courses:  They can also be implemented as in-class or hybrid with a combination of in-class and online training.


Course topics

Microlearning - Selfstudy preparation

Project Thinking  (1 training day)

  • How to set the goal properly. Learn to understand what is and what isn’t my responsibility.
  • Are we on the same page as regards the assignment? Learn a method that lets you determine whether a particular goal is meaningful and worth pursuing.
  • How to organize things. Come to understand which roles and responsibilities are essential for achieving the goal, whether working in an agile mode or otherwise.
  • How to plan things out and set priorities the right way. Master a technique for setting clear priorities and assigning responsibilities.
  • How to set the right work pace. Learn how to stay on top of things and prevent work from getting out of control.
  • How to get team collaboration going. Demonstrate how to motivate your colleagues through a culture of effective meetings and save your own time.

Support for putting learning into practice, microlearning, quizzes and other online materials.


Methods used and what is included in the price 

  • A comprehensive microlearning – (7 videos in total). Exclusive access to the learning management system (LMS) run by DIGISKILLS.CZInteractive training – presentation/instruction, individual and teamwork and guided discussion. The on-site practice of key techniques on selected case studies. Workshop-related fine-tuned materials for personal note-taking. Model solutions to case studies presented. Presentations are available in downloadable PDF format. Photos documenting flipchart work by trainers and participant teams available for download (after the course). Recommended literature.



Internationally accredited for certification and re-certification according to IPMA®.   
Participants receive a certificate validating the completion of 8 hours in training 
(Interactive training and self-study using microlearning videos and individual tasks with feedback).
Inspired by principles of PRINCE2® methodology.  

Custom made course



First experience with SHINE training. Well prepared, experienced and empathetic lecturer, fun and helpful. I enjoyed working in a team in an online environment

Matěj Gala, Manufacturing Automation Manager CZ&SK, Plzeňský Prazdroj

Very beneficial - it was not a "school", but a "training" with practical examples and solutions.

Šárka Malečková, Schneider Electric a.s.

Professional and yet warm and friendly. The trainer is clearly an expert with a knack for translating things into layman’s terms. Many thanks.

Tereza Čápová, Operations Capability Manager, Plzeňský Prazdroj

An amazing training event. Fascinating trainers. A warm and hospitable environment. Well-researched and well-prepared materials. Interesting workshop segments.

Martina Šeneklová, Synthon

A great degree of professionalism translated into a well-delivered training session. The trainer created a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Even though the content was deep and required thinking time, the way the whole training was conducted made it really fun to learn new things and deal with the challenging tasks presented.

Gabriela Štamberová, Synthon

An amazing experience rich in both theory and practice coupled with plenty of opportunities to learn and share the practical experience of other participants.

Ondrej Hegar, ROBE

I consider the Project Thinking course to be one of the most useful courses I have ever taken. The content is perfectly polished, each word or model situation accurately captures the idea, so that participants perfectly understand the meaning and significance of what is said. The lecturers are extremely proficient and can perfectly maintain attention and creative cooperation. It is one of those courses where one is explicitly looking forward to being able to start applying the learned theory in practice. Even after a long time, much of what has been said continues to resonate in me.

Eva Sojáková, Professional Development Specialist, Česká národní banka

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