Remote collaboration on projects

Do you have a project team spread out in different locations? Is communication mostly electronic and you feel that the efficiency of your virtual meetings should be improved? Come join us and learn how to set up virtual communication so that it performs effectively.

The target group

Project team leaders who manage people from different locations and lead them to collaborate effectively over a distance.
Managers, HR staff and others tasked with facilitating remote collaboration.


Course topics

Creating a collaborative environment for a distributed project team

  • What are the prerequisites for a functional project team and what to look after.
  • How do multicultural differences manifest themselves and what to look out for. 
  • How to build team cohesion in the absence of physical contact.
  • Specific real-life examples from leading companies.

Different forms of communication in the electronic world

  • Communication options and their respective pros and cons.
  • Frequent mistakes and how to prevent them.

Teleconference, video conference

  • How to run virtual meetings effectively. 
  • Practice – running a model meeting.
  • Prevention and resolution of destructive elements.
  • Tried and tested moderator techniques. 
  • Inspiration from real companies – best practice.


  • Learn specific examples of how flexible (agile) teams go about it. 
  • Familiarize yourself with the techniques used by technological trendsetters and market leaders such as GOOGLE and other global businesses in which virtual teams play an indispensable role.
  • Make tele/video-conferences and other virtual meetings more effective.
  • Learn the crucial about managing teams and projects remotely. 
  • Create an atmosphere of collaboration for the virtual project team.
  • Get practical tips and inspiration for day-to-day project life.

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