Resolution workshops

Do you work in a larger team which needs to agree on things quickly despite evident differences of opinion?

We will organize a project team workshop focused on a number of crucial topics. This workshop will teach your employees the skill of reaching agreement quickly in project preparation and execution. Typically, a one-day workshop led by one to two consultants.

You will find this workshop useful if:

  • Difference of opinion does not enrich team work anymore, but rather paralyses day-to-day project work.
  • You fail to initiate and plan projects using effective techniques and methods.
  • You desperately seek common ground in dealing with critical projects.

Most requested workshop topics:

  • Reaching agreement on what is to be improved.
  • Forming the project team.
  • Project initiation and planning.
  • Analysis of project risks.
  • Setting up project management processes.
  • Resolving project execution problems.
  • Sharing project implementation experience.
  • Working out a solution in the critical stage of the project.


Achieve your goals in the shortest time possible – move ahead swiftly.
Make your projects well-prepared ones – eliminate potential misunderstanding.
Learn to collaborate and build joint agreements with greater ease.

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