Strategic project and change management

Ensure your stability and prosperity! Succeed in an age dominated by changes! We will help you reach that goal.

We will help you to succeed, gain stability, and prosper in a dynamically changing world. We will show you how to effectively bring together strategic management, innovation management and project management. We will help you to maintain control over everything that matters. We will inspire you how to motivate people and keep them motivated.

Join our special course that enhances your peace of mind and improves your ability to handle the challenges of digital transformation and Industry 4.0.


The target group

The programme is primarily designed for leaders, senior managers, innovators, and customers. It is also suitable for change managers, project managers and project office staff.
With its focus based on the Executive MBA study level, the programme applies a strategic perspective to project and change management.

The programme is compliant with the standards of IPMA® a PMI® and is also suitable as preparation for higher (senior-level) international certification.


Internationally accredited for certification and re-certification according to IPMA® and PMI®.
Training hours completed as part of this programme count towards the total mandatory hour count spent in preparation for certification or re-certification.
Participants receive a certificate validating the completion of 15 hours in training (PDUs).


Course topics

  • From factories making products to factories making decisions.
  • Strategic change management.
  • How to create a system of projects and changes.
  • How to organise things for clarity.
  • How to effectively make changes.
  • How to preserve the benefits of change.
  • How to motivate people and keep them motivated.


  • Get a comprehensive overview of how to implement strategic changes successfully and effectively through project management approaches and tools in the era of digitalization.
  • Learn what motivates people in a changing environment and how to work with motivation.
  • Learn how to effectively link strategic organisational management with managing specific projects and changes.
  • You will gain an understanding of the Agile approach to managing projects.
  • Master the skill of systematic competence enhancement for both internal and external staff in the era of digitalization and Industry 4.0.
  • Joint the longest-running (2009), continuously improved, course dedicated to this particular topic.

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