Certification IPMA®


Brand new agile certification is available. This certification form agile leaders, is based on IPMA reference Guide ICB4 in an Agile World

Start your certification preparation with us!  AGILE LEADERSHIP FUNDAMENTALS - HOW TO INTRODUCE AGILITY SO THAT IT ACTUALLY HELPS course is ready for you.

IPMA® Project Manager

Prepare for certification and re-certification under the guidance of examiners and co-authors of the IPMA® certification process for the Czech Republic. Successful certification requires the examined to have a sufficient degree of theoretical understanding of how to run a project throughout all the phases of its life cycle. It also requires a demonstrable grasp of the IPMA® standard. Our course prepares you to successfully tackle both examination components!

We also offer a special training session aimed at demonstrating what the exam itself looks like. Do you want to make sure you pass your examination? Get practical training and direct face-to-face interaction with our trainers who happen to be IPMA® examination co-authors for the Czech Republic. Learn all you need to know to get your desired certification!

The price of the certification preparation course includes online consultations with our team of consultants!

The examination itself is organized by IPMA ČR – details are available at www.ipma.cz.

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IPMA® re-certification

The validity of the IPMA® certificates is 5 years. The re-certification process is necessary once the validity of a given certificate expires to ensure that the certification level is maintained and to test the knowledge and competence gained in the area of project management. Re-certification is a kind of a check-up confirming that an individual’s professionalism continues to grow and improve. It also serves to test one’s ability to apply the knowledge gained in practice and to ensure that one’s competences are in line with the requirements of a given certification.

What do you have to do for re-certification? You must provide evidence of a given number of hours spent in training on project management with an accredited institution. Taking part in courses which are part of the programme “Project Management in Practice” (accredited by IPMA® Czech Republic) will help you fulfil this requirement. We offer a wide range of re-certification programme options.

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