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Project culture improvement/Project Management Capability Development Program

Working with managers responsible for project management. Set up elements of project culture in a way that leads to more efficient use of resources and increased project effectiveness.


How can this service be of use 

  • You may be seeking significant and lasting improvement in project management. 
  • You need to implement and maintain a management strategy for the project, programs, and project portfolios. 
  • Perfect the internal workings of the entire organization by improving the way you deliver your business and execute your projects.
  • You need to deploy digital tools including artificial intelligence and automation.

Our Approach (In General):

Individual sub-products and services:

Talent management for project managers – Make the key decision and determine who and what becomes the focal point of the talent development process! Allocate your resources effectively and get your project managers trained up to keep abreast of the competition.
Find out how the Development centre can help you set up an effective development program.

Setting the environment for true collaboration – Employing the unique MOTIV-ACE solution to set up an incentive and motivation system for project work. Enhance employee engagement in project work and encourage commitment to important tasks. 

Drawing on Agile - We will help you implement agile principles in the day-to-day management practice. More to be learned at our specialised workshop: Agile Leader 5.0 

Methodology development – Let us help you fine-tune your methodologies concerning the management of projects, programs and portfolios. This will enable you to kick off the right projects and stay on top during preparation and execution. 

Project culture audit and preparation for project management certification - Consultation, facilitation and learning support for the purposes of your project culture audit and preparation for certification. Get things into shape for certification in accordance with an internationally recognized model.